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Your wedding dance should be unique and special, perhaps outrageous, irreverent, classy, fun or understated. Most importantly, it should be you.

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6 dance lessons (60 min)






6 990,- Kč / 289 EUR


Course length: 6 dance lessons (60 min)

Date: Individualized

Úvodní lekce: Individualized

Registration open: YES

Age category: 18+

Skill level: Individualized

6 990,- Kč / 289 EUR


Every happy couple has different ideas about its first dance. Someone has a clear vision, other just vague ideas.

During this course, we will help you change your ideas into real choreography. Together, we will create dance that neither you or your guests will ever forget. We will tailor your wedding choreography to your wishes but also to your dance capabilities.

There are no fixed dates and times for wedding dance lessons. You will schedule your lessons individualy with your teacher, depending on your availability.

For the first couple of lessons, chose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and also does not restrict you movement.

We recommend t-shirt and sweatpants, for ladies also skirt below knees or leggings.

For your feet, light sneekers are usually ideal.  Do not wear flip flops, sandals or high-heels.

Later in course, when the choreography is ready, we recommend to practise it few times in the same or similar footwear, that you will be wearing on your wedding. Lady should also bring clothes, that are similary restricting as their future wedding dress.

There is changing room available in dance school.

All of our teachers are active professional dancers of the top dance class and you can meet them performing on national championschips and international competetions.

They also had lot of experience as dance teachers and coaches.

We will select particular english speaking teacher once we talk to you about your expectations.

All classes take place in our dance studio in Prague. Studio is located 350 meters from metro station Chodov and shopping centre Westfield Chodov.

Address: Jarníkova 1903, Prague 11 – Chodov

Jarníkova 1903, Praha 11 - Chodov

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After filing out this reservation form, we will call you within one workday and agree on details of your course including the name of the teacher and date and time of your first lesson. We will also answer any remaining questions you might have.

We will also send you e-mail with confirmation of your order and payment info.

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6 990,- Kč

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